This week we will be studying the New Testament passages that talk about t the believer’s responsibility to authorities. There is much confusion on this subject as they say that there is no responsibility to an evil government. They claim that if the government does not obey God’s law (by their interpretation) then they should rebel so at to try to change that government to their view of a God honoring government. 

Monday:  Acts 5:12-33

Question: How is this story different than what most Christian’s experience? How were the religious leaders able to put the Apostles in prison? What did the Apostles do while they are in prison? Why did the Apostles go back to the temple to speak the words of life? What were the words of life that they were supposed to talk about? What did these leaders do as a result of the Apostles message? Why didn’t they get saved?             

Tuesday: Acts 12:1-24

Question: What did King Herod decide to do in this passage? How did he accomplish this? What was Peter’s response to this determination? Did Paul try to change the political climate? Why or why not? What did Peter do as a response to being thrown in prison? How is the instruction from the angel different in this passage? How did God show His control in this situation with an evil ruler?  

Wednesday: I Timothy 2:1-7

Question: What did Paul say that his purpose was in praying for government authorities? How does this prayer affect the salvation of men? Did Paul experience governing authorities taking away his freedoms? How did he deal with this? Why is prayer so important when dealing with governing authorities? Which person of the Godhead does it say desires all men to be saved? Why is that important?   

Thursday: Romans 13: 1-7

Question: What is the responsibility to governing authorities according to this passage? Why should the believer submit to these men? Is the presumption of this passage that the governing authorities good or saved men? Why or why not? What are the two reasons that a believer should obey governing authorities? Which one is better? What is the purpose of this submission?   

Friday: Titus 3:1-7

Question: What does submission to governing authorities have to do with how you speak about them? How does the believer in Christ have the ability to obey God in this way? What does submission to authorities show about the Christian?      

Saturday: I Peter 3:13-17

Question: Which of the ordinances of the government should the believer submit to? Why? How can you give honor to an evil unsaved man? How does this relate to the rest of I Peter 2? How did Jesus show this in his life? How can this be a testimony of our Faith? Thank God that he will work all things according to His plan,